Saturday, June 15, 2013

Check Your Backyard -- There May Be A Long-Forgotten, Fully-Stocked Fallout Shelter Out There

Twice in the last 45 days, two separate families in two separate states have each unearthed a fairly well-preserved and long-forgotten fallout shelter from the 1950s-60s.

In May this year, a family in Wisconsin decided to check out the shelter they knew existed on their property. Although they had lived there for 10 years, they just assumed the shelter was an empty moldering hole. When they finally did unlock the steel doors and descended the ladder, they instead found food, toiletries, clothing, and medical supplies all preserved and ready for the apocalypse.

Looks inviting, eh?

And last week, ANOTHER family -- this time in California -- decided to take an investigative trip into their own "suspected it was there but we never really thought much about it" fallout shelter. This shelter though was magnificently preserved and filled with cold war survival rations, gear, clothing, and other essentials.

Just look at what the shelter's interior looked like when they cracked it open.

I'm particularly impressed by the shelter-builder's choice of world-end reading material.

I'm beginning to think that our post-apocalyptic fantasies of long-forgotten vaults filled with pristine artifacts, tools, and foodstuff of the Bygone days isn't so far-fetched after all.


  1. This wasn't quite so big a deal in the UK. Mostly we have old air raid shelters, but these were mostly built above ground, and those that remain are now just garden sheds. I feel vaguely disappointed by this.

  2. Very cool stuff man! I'd live there in a heart beat!