Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Morrow Project - Fourth Edition - Kickstarter Launched

First came an updated Gamma World. Then came an updated Metamorphosis Alpha. And now, another classic post-apocalyptic RPG is being updated and released from its hibernation chamber to walk the remnants of a devastated Earth. The Morrow Project is now being updated for a fourth edition by Timeline Ltd.

When it appeared nuclear war was inevitable, a clandestine project was considered and launched. Hundreds of citizens and experts with specific skills would be cryogenically frozen in hidden boltholes around the world. A few years after the End of the World, these people would then be released to help rebuild the world. Complications arose, and the first of these enclaves were instead released nearly 150 years in the future. And contact has been lost with the other enclaves. Can this small crew exist and survive in a world they no longer recognize? Can the world still be saved?

Production of The Morrow Project is now being funded through Kickstarter, and it appears the project has already reached its funding goal with more than a month left in the campaign.

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