Monday, June 11, 2012

Donate To The Warden For A Chance To Win A Signed Metamorphosis Alpha RPG (And Get An AfterWorld Die Too!)


When I met Jim Ward -- the creator of Metamorphosis Alpha, Gamma World, and a host of other classic RPGs and supplements -- at Gary Con, I purchased a copy of Metamorphosis Alpha - 4th Edition from him. He was kind enough to sign it as well. He also signed my personal copy of Met. Alpha too. I've had plans to give this extra copy away to one of my readers since the day I brought it home. And it just dawned on me -- how about turning this into a fundraiser for the Bail Out the Warden Fund  as well? So here's how this will work:

As pictured below, I have a brand-new, purchased-from-Jim-Ward-himself, signed-as-well, hardback copy of Metamorphosis Alpha Universe (4th edition) that I'll be giving away to someone who has made a donation to the Bail Out The Warden Fund.

For every dollar you donate, you get one "entry" into the raffle. Donate $5, get five entries. Donate $10, get 10 entries. Etc. The more you donate, the higher the chance of winning, but even a donation of $1 will get your name into the hopper. At the end of the week (let's say next Monday, June 18), I'll take all of the entries and will randomly draw one to win the signed RPG. This offer is good WORLDWIDE as I have no problem mailing overseas to our Mutated Minions outside of the U.S.

To keep track of who donated and how much, after you've made your donation, please forward your donation confirmation email to me at gameagain (at) gmail (dot) com along with your mailing address. I'll keep a running list of entries, which will be posted just prior to the grand drawing next week. Regardless whether you win or not, your donations will help a great guy who started all of us along the path to post-apocalypic RPG mayhem.

Thanks everyone for your support in this cause. - Sniderman-

OFFER UPDATED: To sweeten the deal, any who donates $10 or more will get a free Savage AfterWorld die mailed to them. So even if you don't win The Big Prize, you still get something for your generosity! I normally only give these out at conventions or other special events, so now's a good time to grab one of these as well as put yourself in the running for an awesome signed prize! And I'll mail these anywhere in the world at my own cost, so there's no stopping you from making a donation. (Plus, you're donating to a worthy cause.)

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