Friday, February 3, 2012

Weekly Mutant Future "Wisdom From The Wastelands" Launches

Skirmisher Publishing LLC has announced the release of Wisdom from the Wastelands, a weekly publication dedicated to providing useful information, game content, and ideas for modern, science fiction, and post-apocalyptic table-top and role-playing games in general and Goblinoid Games’ Mutant Future RPG in particular. The first issue, "Artifacts, Manuals, and Tookits," was written by Derek Holland and Chris Van Deelen, authors of multiple Mutant Future supplements. Issue 1 is 5 pages and is now available at DriveThruRPG for 99 cents.

From the press release:
One of the most entertaining aspects of a post-apocalyptic RPG is the many sorts of artifacts. Mutant Future and other popular post-apocalyptic role-playing game rules have decent rules for figuring out and repairing artifacts. The first issue of Wisdom from the Wastelands covers several new rules related to this--from optional bonuses on figuring out artifacts, to manuals and toolkits. There are also rules that cover saving throws for artifacts and how much damage they can sustain before being damaged or destroyed.

Our goal is to release a new thematic issue of this publication nearly every week and to have it contain a variety of useful and earnest information that will inspire Game Masters and players alike and provide them with things that they can immediately plug into their games.
I'm looking forward to seeing what new concepts come from this weekly series, and I'll keep readers informed of new issues as they are released.

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