Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Total Prize Claimants Thus Far: 0

Nearly two weeks ago, I held a Mutant Future giveaway to celebrate the second year of The Savage AfterWorld. I posted the names of the following winners and sent out emails to the addresses they had registered with:
  • Mutant Future rulebook goes to "elrics"
  • Apocalypse Tech Report goes to "Jason"
  • Set of Nuke Dice goes to "Kev"
  • Radioactive Waste Dice Cups go to "jmezz382," "AslanC," and "Pete Politis"
And so far the following winners have claimed their prizes:

That's right; no one has yet contacted me to claim their prize. Hmmmm... This was not an issue I expected to have happen, but I suppose I may have randomly drawn six people who don't visit this blog. Or check their emails. Or they used a bogus account when first registering. Or whatever.

Anyway, my goal is to get these items into the hands of regular readers. So consider this a Last Call for the original winners to step forward and claim their prize. Any prizes I still have on-hand in, say, another week or two, I'll give away to a new set of winners through a more targeted method.

So if you won something, step forward today for the clock's running out!


  1. I'll gladly take one for the team and be a backup prize winner, haha.

  2. No doubt. I thought I had already signed up. Now corrected.

    And I run Eternal Keep. If you post, I read it brother. Everyday :)

    (Most don't know I started the Keep just to keep up with all the activities in the scene-I'm glad it has been of use to others)

  3. I didn't win, but I think it's cool of you to do this!

  4. Oh yea... I would also totally be willing to be a back-up prize winner :P