Wednesday, December 8, 2010

NaGa DeMon Status Update

As per my announcement of intent last month, I'm treating the month of December as my own personal National Game Design Month. I have several Mutant Future projects in the works (and one for Mini Six) that I'm working on and I shall post my status reports on a weekly basis. (I've found I'm more productive when I feel folks are watching me.):
  • "A Year In The Savage AfterWorld" -- A compendium of Mutant Future micro-adventures and creatures. Fifty-two Dangerous Encounters; enough for a full year's worth of weekend role-playing. (STATUS: 50% written; well over 30 one-page encounters with full-page stats for a dozen new creatures.)
  • "Antique Americana" -- A mini-setting for Mini Six as the PCs become retrievers of historical artifacts. (STATUS: 50% written; setting fleshed out and written; artifacts and enemies now being constructed.)
  • "Dead In The Water" -- A full-length Mutant Future adventure taking place on a fiery manmade island overrun by mindless mutants...or are they? (STATUS: 30% written; decided to redesign the format of the adventure so I need to remap some major encounters.)
  • "The Wackyworld War" -- A full-length Mutant Future adventure as the PCs find themselves between warring factions. (STATUS: 10% written; in the conceptual stage only; will be the first to go if time runs short.)
  • And, of course, there will be another update to "The World of Thundarr the Barbarian Sourcebook." (STATUS: Will be an easy release for December as the material is compiled from Thundarr posts on this website.)

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