Monday, October 18, 2010

A Stack O' Mutational Links

My posts have been sporadic as of late, but that doesn't mean I haven't been scouring the Interwebs, looking for the best of Mutant Future and post-apocalyptic offerings out there. The following list is a collection of links and sites I've stumbled across over the last month or two that may inspire some Blasted Earth adventures. These are in no particular order:

If you're looking for some great end-of-the-world movies to inspire your games, visit the Post-Apocalyptic Movie Page for reviews of the best (and absolute WORST) of the genre. It's a bit behind with updates, but where else will you find reviews of such classics such as 2020 Texas Gladiators, Survival Zone, and Omega Doom?

Back in August, blog-meister Cyclopeatron offered up a new Mutant Future/Gamma World "class" called Gamma Wizards as well as a simple magic-casting system for these magic-wielding muties. By expending a few points of Mental Strength (or Willpower for MutFut players), a character can effectively cast spells such as Wave of Sleep, Spooky Grimace, and (my favorite) Radonic Fireball!

Urban exploration is the investigation and exploration of unseen and off-limits urban environments. I've visited urban exploration sites in the past to grab photos of run-down and decrepit buildings and areas. But I'm also fascinated that there are folks who -- today -- are exploring what could pass for post-apocalyptic ruins. Visit the Urban Exploration Resource and for more information on these modern-day wasteland explorers.

You're visiting your backyard fallout shelter when World War III breaks out. And thus begins The Fog Fall, an online point-and-click adventure game by Pastel Games. Described by the creators as a "post-apocalyptic hidden object game," you're initially challenged with escaping from the underground bunker. What will you find when the door finally opens? There are now three episodes to the game to play.

Last month, blog-meister Brutorz Bill over at Green Skeleton Gaming Guild was kind enough to share a link to his pal Tormentor's Random Gamma World Loot Generator. I can see this getting a lot of use in future games.

As you're no doubt aware, the new Gamma World has been unleashed upon the public. Reviews are thus-far mixed. I'll try to summarize some reviews in the future as well as formulate my own once I've played it.


  1. Urban exploring, urban spelunking and 'nvading sites have great pictures of modern ruins and forgotten (or simply misused) spaces.

    I know some folks who used to be into the urban spelunking thing...they were f'n crazy. Trespassing to risk your life somewhere help is likely not going to get you in a menaingful response time or non-arrest situation is fun to read about but really not bright.

  2. Dangerous? Sure. Illegal? No doubt. But c'mon...traipsing around an old abandoned amusement park? Awesomesauce!