Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fight On! Issue 10 Is Out! (With A Savage AfterWorld Submission)

That old-school stalwart fanzine Fight On! is now out with issue 10! Here's the blurb for this exciting issue:

Fight On! returns to unscroll the Runes of Chaos and conjure the mighty titans of yesteryear! Dedicated to Tom Moldvay, this BIG issue contains three BIG undercities and lost worlds by Gabor Lux, James Mishler, and Chris Robert alongside the rules supplements, mini-adventures and modules, villages, one-page dungeons, spells, monsters, NPCs, tricks, traps, geomorphs, reviews, and tables you've come to know, love, and expect from our fantastic fanzine. Illustriously illustrated by Patrick Farley, Jennifer Weigel, Lester, Kelvin Green, Jason Sholtis, Peter Mullen, Mark Allen, Anthony Stiller, Steve Robertson, and more; puissantly penned by Jeff Rients, Calithena, Jerry Stratton, Tim Snider, Geoff McKinney, Patrice Crespy, Peter Schmidt Jensen, Paul Stormberg, Geoffrey O. Dale, Tim Kask, and a whole gang of garrulous grognards trying to take it (their PC, that is) to the next level. We hope you'll roll the bones on this issue and check it out - but either way, keep Fighting On!

Regular readers will remember the Time-Displaced race for Mutant Future that appeared here at The Savage AfterWorld. Well, after a bit of tweaking and updating, those same time-flung travellers now grace the pages of Fight On! And artist-extrordinaire Lester Smolenski who illustrated the piece was kind enough to send me this teaser. Click it and order the issue today!

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