Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Told You To Keep Your @*#! Hands Off My Mug!

Pictured above is a rotated view of a mug I stumbled across at the local flea market. The plastic mug (aged, but new and never used) is about, oh, 7-8 inches high with a yellow handle and yellow snap-on lid. There is a straw hole in the lid. Looks like it may have been a premium given away at a fast food restaurant or convenience store.

As you can see from the photos, the image is delightfully apocalyptic with a wild-haired, wild-eyed survivalist dressed in a tattered denim vest with a ammo bandolier crossing his chest. In one hand, he clutches a Bowie knife; in the other, he fires off some kind of automatic weapon. And during all of the chaos, he screams "I Told You To Keep Your @*#! Hands Off My Mug!"

Anyway, I grabbed the only two he had. And I'm givin' them away. Want one? Here's how to enter the giveaway: Just post in a Comment to this post with what you think this guy's name is. (I've been calling him "Cawdor" -- some of you may get the reference...) I'll draw two random winners sometime next week. Please post only once in the thread. Multiple entries are not allowed. Make sure I can somehow reach you via email if you win! I'll ship internationally, so everyone feel free to enter. Good luck. And remember:

I Told You To Keep Your @*#! Hands Off My Mug!"


  1. Wow, great find!

    He definitely looks like a "Wingo" to me!

  2. "Blayde Staybe!"

    *desperately crosses fingers*

  3. Looks like a 'Terry' 'Robin' or 'Jody' to me. All that manly anger must be coming from somewhere.

  4. Hopefully dogrodeo and Menteroso are watching this post. Gyro and Dogrodeo have been randomly selected to win the mugs. Dogrodeo, please email me so I can make arrangements to mail your prize to you.

    And Blair and Menteroso have won a consolation prize for entering! Menteroso, please email me so I can make arrangements to get your prize to you. Email is over to the right.