Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Notorius NPC: Xxyxxzxx, Wasp Insectaur

Hello once again Mutant Neighbors. Welcome to the third day of our 5-day series highlighting some of the survivors living in my Mutant Future neighborhood. Today we'll meet a very lonely lady who believes she's the last of her kind. All she really wants to do it meet the man of her dreams, settle down, and start a family. Then she'll eat his head. Can you say "Insect instinct?" I'll bet you can. Sure.
5th Level Insectaur

STR: 18 --- INT: 10
DEX: 11 --- WIL: 5
CON: 16 --- CHA: 11
HPs: 61 --- AC: 5
Mutations: complete wing development, natural insect weapons (stingers), acidic saliva, increased physical attribute (DEX), precognition, weak will

Xxyxxzxx (pronounced ZIZZ-zicks) is a wasp insectaur who may be the last of her kind. Xxyxxzxx's colony was wiped out by a marauding band of cockroachoids (MF rulebook, pg. 67), and she was the only one who managed to escape the slaughter. You see, Xxyxxzxx was the colony's queen, and she seeks to re-establish her dominion over a new colony. But without a mate, she is unable to begin a new hive. So she wanders the wastelands, looking for another male wasp insectaur to start anew.

Xxyxxzxx has several insectaur mutations that enabled her to fight off the initial attack as well as helping her survive on her own. She has a full set of wings allowing her to fly at her normal movement rate. She also has a set of two large stingers on the ends of her manipulator limbs that she can use for attack/defense. They are not poisonous, but they will do 1d8 hit points of damage each. Xxyxxzxx is also able to secrete an acidic saliva that can melt through nearly any organic material such as plant or animal matter. (Plastic, rubber, and metals are unaffected.) this saliva will do 3d6 hit points of damage per round it's in contact.

Xxyxxzxx's STR is quite formidable, and she has a +3 to hit and damage bonus due to her power. She also has increased physical attribute (DEX) which - when added to her natural insect carapace - improves her armor class to 5.

Xxyxxzxx's insectaur mind has developed the mutation of precognition, giving her an almost supernatural ability to foresee danger. Although she cannot "see" the future, she can sense when she's in danger and take steps to counteract the threat before it occurs. However, she also reacts very instinctively to situations due to her weak will drawback, oftentimes reacting without thinking or acting on impulse.

Xxyxxzxx is actually fairly kind to others, although she is viewed warily by strangers. (Wouldn't YOU be wary of a 6-foot-tall wasp?) She is able to speak, although her voice has a raspy buzz to it when she talks. Xxyxxzxx can bit a bit overbearing, feeling she is due some degree of respect due to her royal heritage, but she is also a realist and she knows that only other wasp insectaurs will hold her in this regard. Xxyxxzxx could be a powerful NPC for the party to befriend, and helping her locate a mate or another wasp insectaur colony could be an interesting plot hook to toss at them.

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