Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Notorius NPC: Mevix the Mastermind

Good morning Mutant Neighbors. Today's the second day of our 5-day series highlighting some of the survivors living in my Mutant Future neighborhood. Today, we meet a man who's physically weak, but whose mental abilities makes him one of the most powerful mutants you'll ever meet. Can you say "Plane Shift?" Of course you can.


7th Level Mastermind

STR: 11 --- INT: 18
DEX: 9 --- WIL: 21
CON: 11 --- CHA: 15
HPs: 29 --- AC: 7
Mutations: neural telepathy (innate as per Mastermind); ability boost-WIL; plane shift; mind reflection (superior)

Mevix is one of the race of Masterminds - powerful mental mutants who seek to return the Mutant Future to the glories of the Ancient Past. However, Mevix has decided that only he has the vision and knowledge to lead the world into a new Enlightened Age. When people speak of the most feared mutants of the Mutant Future, Mevix's name comes up nearly each time.

Mevix is physically weak, and therefore he will rarely - if ever - directly confront anyone who dares to oppose him. However, Mevix has formed a small army of fiercely loyal followers consisting of 60 Brigands lead by 7 Medusoids (MF rulebook, pg. 83). Mevix has a large stronghold where he plans his world conquest. This stronghold is a former public library, as Mevix has learned that all of the information he'll ever need is contained within. Due to his research, Mevix has a staggering 95% Technology Roll to ID and operate Ancient tech. He has also amassed an incredible arsenal of weapons and devices. Mevix is well-armed, well-protected, and nearly untouchable.

If anyone is unfortunate enough to confront Mevix directly, he will unleash his formidable mental abilities. If he is attacked with a mental ability, Mevix will use his superior mind reflection to send the attack right back to the attacker. Unlike the usual mind reflection mutation, Mevix will not suffer any damage from the attack. If Mevix is feeling particularly threatened, he'll use his plane shift to either send himself someplace safer, or he'll dump his attacker into some hellish alternate dimension, never to return. Many of Mevix's enemies have disappeared in this manner. Finally, Mevix has trained his mind to such a degree that he can use his ability boost mutation to effectively double his WIL to 42, making him unbeatable in a Mental Attack challenge.

Merix is haughty and egotistical, looking down upon everyone else as if they were insects. He sees the world the way someone else may view an ant farm. Mevix has reached an evolutionary point where he no longer can relate to "normal" creatures, as he sees everyone and everything as beneath him. Rumor has it that the only creatures he sees as his intellectual equals are the Brain Lashers (MF rulebook, pg. 63), but he has not been able to form any kind of relationship with the alien race. But Heaven help the Mutant Future if they were to join forces...

Stop by tomorrow and we'll visit another resident of...

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