Friday, January 29, 2010

Want To Be Inducted Into The Order Of The D30?

Hey gang,

Thought I'd throw out a fun little random drawing for the readers of The Savage AfterWorld. I'm looking to induct one new member into the esoteric Order of the D30. Therefore, I shall be giving away one black D30 die to one lucky reader. Also, because it needs to be somehow "post-apocalyptic" to be a proper post on this blog, I shall also make up a Radioactive Dice Cup (like the one I made for myself) for the lucky winner to keep his or her new D30 in! So how can you win? Well, I originally thought about having folks create a new 30-item table for use with Mutant Future, but that seems like a lot of work just to win a die (no matter how cool that die is). So I'll make it simple: To enter, just reply in the Comments to this post. Next Friday, February 5, I'll randomly draw from those who commented and that person gets the cup and die. This contest is open to everyone on the planet, as I don't mind footing the shipping for an overseas winner. That's it. Good luck to everyone!

Here's what's up for grabs! Keen!


  1. Radiate me with your d30 goodness!

  2. I have my radiation suit ready to handle the 30 sides of Beta particles!!!

  3. Is there a secret handshake in the Order?

  4. Put me in the running, oh Mutant Overlord!

  5. I'll take a bite of that mutagenic sandwich!

  6. I don't have a d30, so I'm in! :>

  7. Was this d30 a simple d6 before being exposed to the ravages of the nuclear future? I supposed it rolled randomly and received 2d12 additional sides and maxed out it's roll.

    How unfortunate. I'll give the poor tormented die a good home!

  8. Radiation bad. Make fingers fall off. Can't hold dice. Me sad. Need cup ;(

  9. D30 Medical Lab Stuff

    1 d100x100 Salt Pills

    2 First Aid Kit: heals 1d6, 1d10 uses

    3 3d4 Ready Syringes

    4 Doctors' Bag with Instruments: value = 1d6x50gp

    5 2d6 Light Sticks

    6 Power: 40% 1d4 power cells, 30% power pack, 20% power beltpack, 10% minifusion cell

    7 1d6+6 Goo Tubes

    8 2d10 Dehydrated Food Pills

    9 UV Sterilizer

    10 Android Detector: detects androids within 30', powered by power cell

    11 Holographic Projector with Medical Library

    12 Medi-Spray I: 1d10 doses

    13 Medi-Spray II: 1d10 doses

    14 Filter-Dose: *

    15 Proton Energy Pill: **

    16 Stimshot A: *

    17 Stimshot B: *

    18 Superegen: *

    19 Hercurin: ***

    20 Rad-Purge Shot: *

    21 K-O Shot: *

    22 Antitox: *

    23 Fortilyze: +4 WIL, 1d6x10 turns, must rest for 1 hr per 15 min or -1 WIL, ***

    24 Cynosure: Quick Mind, 1d6x10 turns, must rest for 1 hr per 15 min or -1 WIL, ***

    25 Mutagen: 75% causes random mutation, 25% 4d6 damage, pure humans take 4d6, *

    26 X-Ray Goggles

    27 Diagnostic Scanner

    28 Healing Pack

    29 Medic Android

    30 Regeneration Tank

    * 85% 1 dose, 15% 2d4 doses
    ** 90% 1 pill, 10% 1d4+1 pills
    *** 45% 1 pill, 40% 1 shot, 10% 2d4 doses, 5% 1d4+1 pills

  10. Here's my 30 item table!

  11. I own a purple D30 and I use it in every game, but I long for membership in this esoteric order.

  12. I'm afraid I don't have anything exceptionally clever to say, but I'd very much like a d30. My tables keep getting too big for d20s.

  13. You take 1D30 damage to your spleen!

  14. d30 list of character background seeds

  15. We are your mutant Overlords!
    Love that Dice Cup!

  16. Put me down as a contestant, I love my 30-entry random tables!

  17. I included a list of 30 NPCs I was rolling on to see who the PCs encountered in the Saloon last week! That's the first time I've used a d30 in an actual game since I bought it in the early 90s. :)

  18. d30 Scavenging in the Ruins table (I'm just in it for the cup!)

    1. Three Headed Rat encountered in Ancient Cereal Box (rat may have up to three mental mutations at Mutant Lord's discretion)

    2. Strange Black Ball with window to an everchanging series of ancient characters such as "Reply Hazy, Try Again" and "Signs point to yes"
    Subtable: Roll 1d20 and count down the list appearing at under the "Standard Answers" header)

    3. Large (5'x3'x3')White Box with a Silver Handle - pulling the handle opens a door and reveals a compartment filled with deadly green mold, 10d6 damage, save vs. poison for 1/2 damage (ye olde refrigerator trap)

    4. Collection of grooved black discs, made of some sort of plastic like substance, with a hole in the middle; each disc is stored in a crumbling paper casing (records).

    5. A metal tool with many blades, files and saws as well as pliers(leatherman)

    6. A glass bowl with turquoise pebbles and a miniature castle inside of it

    7. A collection of small metal figurines, lovingly painted, seemingly portraying various mutant creatures (D&D minis)

    8. A velvet sack containing plastic spheres and cubes with varying numbers of sides, each side embossed with an ancient glyph representing a number

    9. Three large metal containers, silver sides and copper bottoms, with metal handles on the sides

    10. A bin full of small plastic pieces of varying lengths with raised dots along them; on top of each raised dot is the ancient glyph "lego"

    11. A large chest with a small padlock securing the clasp (easily broken) - the bottom has a hole in it and an unusually aggressive snake has taken up residence...

    12. A textured rubber sphere with the ancient letters "NBA"

    13. The world's dullest knife, ornately decorated with a skull on the pommel, resting point first in a block of wood (cheesy letter opener)

    14. 1d6+1 cans decorated with a red and white label, containing a red substance (tomato soup)

    15. Deer antlers mounted on a wooden plaque

    16. A gold statue of a man with a club in his hands, mounted on a wooden base with an inscribed metal plaque

    17. A rectangular metal object with a depressible handle - this fires a staple (possibly into the experimenting character!) 1d30 staples in device

    18. A circular object with concentric rings painted on it, and several needle-sharp darts stuck into it

    19. A plastic column holding a multitude of red, blue and white discs in slots around its edge (poker chips)

    20. A metal rack holding a miniature shovel and a metal poker

    21. Two fur-lined metal rings attached by a short length of chain (hand-cuffs - may accidentally close one or both hand-cuffs around wrists - key may or may not be present)

    22. A flexible plastic rod with a spool of nearly invisible thread attached to it. Nearby is a metal box containing numerous brightly colored doo-dads with attached to barbed hooks.

    23. A huge book in amazing condition - its pristine cover has the ancient words "Webster's Unabridged Dictionary"

    24. A strange device consisting of metal tubes, gears and two rubber discs surrounding spokes (bicycle)

    25. A pink statue of a pig with a slit on its back (filled with ancient coins)

    26. A box full of miniature, soft cloth bears (a dangerous spider may be lurking amongst the teddy bears)

    27. A bright yellow rubber outfit (rain coat and pants)

    28. what appears to be a vicious samurai sword (cheap pot metal replica)

    29. A red canister with a rubber hose and a pin (fire extinguisher, Mutant Lord's decision if it still has propellant)

    30. A paper box with a wood-grain appearance - inside are three little brown books...

  19. I'd like to throw my oversized-mutant-head-covering hat into the ring. I'll keep my fins crossed that I win...

  20. Because a one in 20 chance of receiving a radioactive super power is just too likely...

  21. A d30? Count me in! I can't wait to write my first table.

  22. It would be best, if there were 30 comments and you could just pick one person by rolling THAT mutant dice!

  23. Awesome. I have a d30, but not a radioactive waste cup! Also, esoteric orders are kind of a second hobby of mine.

  24. Oh please, oh please let it be me that wins the prize. I have no d30 of my own and no cup to keep it in.