Saturday, March 9, 2019

Gary Con Day 2: The Tulipak, A Lonely D6, And Exploding Chickens

Typically I wake up after the first day at a convention a bit tired, a bit sore, and a bit hoarse. Not today though, as yesterday's gaming left me excited and ready for the day. Plus today I was rolling out my own brand-new RPG "FORSOOTH!" and I was very excited (and nervous) as to whether it was going to be a blast or a bust. Let's see what today -- Day 2 -- holds for us here at Gary Con!

As usual with these little travelogues, these are my thoughts and experiences of the day's events as they occur. Here we go:
  • Leftover though from yesterday. I had six people sign up, and two on the waiting list for places at the table for my MCC game. When it was time to start, only 5 showed up, and neither of the waiting list folks made it. I had a walk-up for the sixth, but had planned to run eight. So, head up: If you've been placed on a wait list, it ALWAYS pays to stop by the table, even if you didn't get tickets for a game. I could have easily fit those two wait list folks in.
  • Stopped by the DM Lounge for a drink and to kill an hour. Today's movie was Dragonslayer, which put me RIGHT in the mood for some gaming! (Yesterday it was D&D cartoons!)
  • Have I mentioned how much I love Gary Con's treatment of their GMs? The DM Lounge, the travelling DM snack cart, the tableside food service. It all adds up to a pleasant gaming experience for the DM and players.
  • For my first game of the day, I played Eldritch Tales -- a Whitebox Lovecraftian game that I helped edit. I really wanted to see how the game played on the player's side, so I was played Kelly, a former burglar who worked as an assistant for another player's Private Eye. After a rough start where our team couldn't make any connections or find any clues to move the case along, we finally caught a break and were able to track down the cultists in their seaside cavernous lair. Once we tossed in the Molotov cocktail (stopping a human sacrifice), it took the fight right out of the Cthulhu-worshiping villains. It's a great game and highly recommended.
  • In the vendor's room, I picked up a convention-only DCC adventure that I happily scooped up. In another vendor room, I found Offworld Designs selling a shirt nthat was my favorite at one time. I wore it out, and here was a new one! Grabbed it! Finally, I ran into artist extraordinaire Doug Kovacs was selling several prints of MCC module covers! So I now have prints of A Fallen Star for All and Blessings of the Vile Brotherhood to hang in my game room! Thanks Doug!
  • I found an orphaned six-sided dice on the floor in one of the game rooms. I picked it up to give it a good home. Remember if you find any loose dice, don't leave them in solitude. Be sure to adopt them and let them play amongst other dice. (This message brought to you by the ASPOD, the American Society to Prevent Orphan Dice.)
  • That evening, my playtest game of FORSOOTH! got underway and it was arousing success. The game system worked as designed, and my players and I spent 4 hours laughing and hooting as their party (PARTYN) walked through a cliche fantasy world on a Quest To Stop Yet Another Evil OverlordTM. Some highlight included: attacked by a swarm of crazed weasels, during a barfight, the paladin whistled for his horse which exploded into the tavern, bowling over many Evil GuardsTM, exploding chickens taking out the only bridge to The Evil Overlord's KeepTM, the druid turning his tortoise mount into steel, taking out a wyvern with an egg (from the afore-mentioned exploding chicken), and hitting the villain so many times in the head he started screaming "NOT IN THE FACE AGAIN!" It was a rowdy, rollicking adventure and I thank my team of hapless adventurers for making it the great time it was.
And here are a few pix to round out today's report...

I always get a kick out of this Gary Con welcome sign.

Fantastic tabletop battle scenes set up and waiting to action later that day. 

Our Eldritch Tales game about to get underway...

As we ponder who broke into the museum and stole the foreboding Tulipak...

My game of FORSOOTH! that answers the question: What would Lord of the Rings have been like if it had been directed by Mel Brooks? 

Miniature skirmish in the Legends of Wargaming room.

The Legends of Wargaming was fully booked with many mini-wars underway.

 My MCC/DCC goodies, as well as a couple of gaming shirts.

My newly adopted d6. Gave the fella a good home.

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