Monday, September 7, 2015

[Cryptworld] New Thing: Snallygaster

An East-Coast Cryptid  for Cryptworld

STR: 8 (120) --- WPR: 4 (45)
DEX: 6 (90) --- PER: 2 (30)
AGL: 5 (75) --- PCN: 3 (45)
STA: 6 (90) --- PWR: NA
ATT: 1/98% --- WND: 16
MV:  L 50 F 100

Experience: 900

The snallygaster is a cryptid commonly encountered in the northeastern United States, primarily in the Maryland/District of Columbia area. The creature is described as a large flying reptile-like monster. The snallygaster is large enough to easily pick up and fly off with men and livestock, though it prefers smaller game and human children to feed upon.

The snallygaster's beak is described as metallic and able to bite through most hardened substances. Within its mouth is a set of tenticles that is uses to grasp and subdue prey. (It is theorized that these tendrils are actually numerous prehensile "tongues".) Once grappled, the snallygaster flies off to its hidden burrow with its prey in order to feed. (A snallygaster's burrow has a 10% chance of containing 1d10 eggs.)

The creature is somewhat lumbering when on the ground due to its size, but it makes up for its lack of speed when in the air. The snallygaster has a tough leathery hide that repels most bludgeoning attacks (a 20% penalty when attacking it with a blunt object). At the turn of the century, sightings of the snallygaster were so prevalent that President Theodore Roosevelt planned an expedition to capture such a creature. (There are whispered rumors that President Roosevelt was successful, and a stuffed and mounted specimen of the monster is on display somewhere within the White House.)

Urban legend says that a snallygaster flew over an moonshining operation at the turn of the century, and the fumes from the still overcame the creature which came crashing down. It was quickly dispatched as it lay overwhelmed on the forest floor. ICSX members theorize that strong alcohol fumes might be able to subdue the creature. Although sightings of the creature are rare nowadays, DAPA agents have a standing order to monitor for the monster's return due to its proximity to Washington DC.

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