Friday, October 3, 2014

[Cryptworld] New Thing: Haint

A Lost Soul for Cryptworld


STR: NA --- WPR: 6 (90)
DEX: NA --- PER: 5 (75)
AGL: NA --- PCN: 5 (75)
STA: NA --- PWR: 90
ATT: 1/* --- WND: 0*
MV: F 75  (incorporeal)

Experience: 1,000

A haint is very similar to the spectral entities known as ghosts (Cryptworld rulebook, page 60). The difference is that, whereas a ghost is "tethered" to a particular location or object, a haint has no such anchor to the earthly realm. It is speculated that the haint is the residual spirit of someone who lost their lives far from home and far from familiar surroundings. In death, it no longer knows who it once was, and it refuses to move on until it achieves its goal of returning home. A haint can appear anywhere at any time as it wanders in a lonely vigil from location to location, forever lost, forever searching, and forever alone.

A haint can fly and pass through objects like a ghost. A haint is normally invisible, but it can take on a transparent human form at a cost of 5 WPR. A haint has the typical powers of a ghost, including excise living and supernatural touch. A haint can "sense" any living beings touched by extreme loneliness and despair, and will seek out these other "lost souls," seeing them as kindred spirits. The haint will begin tormenting the victim, frightening them and attacking them until their willpower is broken. Once their morale is broken, the haint will use its ability to spirit away the victim's lifeforce, absorbing their soul into its own in a misguided attempt to alleviate the victim's loneliness as well as its own. A victim whose soul is consumed in this manner is lost forever.

There are several methods to keep a haint at bay. For example, a haint cannot cross an unbroken line of lime. Also, there is a light shade of the color indigo called "Haint Blue" that turns away the wandering spirit. Many entryways into southern homes, such as porches, doorways, and window frames are painted with this particular shade of blue to keep the roaming phantom away.

Like a ghost, a haint cannot be physically harmed. However, a haint can be destroyed if its true name and identity are revealed to it. Once the haint is aware of who it once was, it will disappear from sight while simultaneously reappearing at its "home" (its former place of residence, in front of a loved one, etc.). It will then fade out as it passes on to the next plane of existence.

Haint Powers

Excise Living: Like a ghost, a haint can use its supernatural powers to terrorize a victim. Refer to the Cryptworld rulebook, page 60, for more information on this power.

Supernatural Touch: Like a ghost, a haint can use its supernatural powers to deal physical damage to a victim. Refer to the Cryptworld rulebook, page 60, for more information on this power.

Spirit Away: At a cost of 30 WPR, the haint can attempt to draw out and absorb a victim's soul. The victim must be completely demoralized (WPR score must be 0) for an attempt to be made. The haint must come into contact with the victim. If a general PWR check is successful, the haint draws out the soul of victim, killing him instantly. His soul is then "merged" with the haint's soul, at which point it is lost forever.

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