Tuesday, August 12, 2014

[Our Last Best Hope] Sharknado: A Mission Playset

A mission playset for Our Last Best Hope. This mission isn't so much of a "global" crisis so much as a regional crisis, so scale accordingly. And I'm so very, very sorry for this...

Sharknado Mission
A tornado is one of the most destructive natural forces. The sheer power of these monstrous cyclones is enough to flatten buildings, rip up anchored structures, and crush anything and anyone that gets in the way. However, when one of these twisters passes over a body of water infested with sharks, the ravenous waterbeasts could be picked up and spun about, becoming one with the twister, and a sharknado is formed. What the tornado doesn't destroy, the flying sharks consume -- marking it as one of the deadliest natural phenomenons known to mankind.

Suggested viewing/reading: Sharknado, Sharknado 2: The Second One, How to Survive a Sharknado

"It's like a twister...with teeth." – A sharknado is a swirling vortex of man-eating creatures. As the ravenous sea-creatures fly by, they take careful aim, biting off heads and severing limbs as the pass by. Those unlucky enough to be swept up into the twister will be eaten alive by the flying sharks. Even being in the same area as a sharknado is deadly, as the sharks will occasionally come flying out to either eat or land on a helpless victim, killing both.

Ever growing, never slowing...  – Unlike other tornadoes which are usually encountered singularly, sharknados are usually formed in groups of three or more.  Normal tornadoes usually last less than a few minutes, but sharknados rarely dissipate on their own. The spinning death vortex increases in size and, if it joins with other nearby sharknados, a super-sharknado could form. These monstrous cyclones can engulf entire cities consuming all within unless stopped.

1W – There are six sharnados bearing down on the city -- more than has ever been seen at one time.
2W – The gargantuan sharknado contains a single prehistoric megalodon.
3W – The sharknado forming off the coast is the size of a small hurricane -- 100 miles wide.
4W – Every body of water no matter how small (pond, swimming pool, drainage ditch, sewer) is filled with aggressive sharks of various sizes that have been deposited by the passing sharknado.
5W – The sharknado has stopped in the center of town...and is growing larger every minute is remains in place.
6W – The sharks in the sharknado are mentally linked, giving the sharknado a hive-mind consciousness and free will.
1B – The sharks in the sharknado are two-headed sharks!
2B – The sharks in the sharknado are sharktopuses!
3B – The sharks in the sharknado are dinosharks!
4B – The sharks in the sharknado are snow sharks!
5B – The sharks in the sharknado are ghost sharks!
6B – The sharks in the sharknado are Lovecraftian Deep Ones!

1W – Time is running out, and the city is doomed within hours.
2W – The team is made up of specialized oceanic experts with knowledge specific to the Crisis.
3W – The team has encountered this Crisis before on a smaller scale.
4W – Most of the city has been decimated by the Crisis.
5W – The team has access to the only piece of equipment that will be of use in fighting the Crisis.
6W – The materials needed to stop the Crisis are nearly depleted and there's only enough for one chance.
1B – The team are the only ones close enough to reach the Crisis.
2B – Once underway, the team's communication will be cut off.
3B – The team is uniquely immune to the effects of the Crisis.
4B – No one else believes the Crisis is a world-ending event.
5B – The team is unaware of the scope of the Crisis.
6B – The team accidentally set the Crisis in motion and feels obligated to stop it.

1W or 1B – The team receives a distress call on-route to the Crisis they must act upon.
2W or 2B – The sharknado is sending out wave after wave of defenses to stop them as they approach.
3W or 3B – There is a saboteur actively working to thwart the team.
4W or 4B – The timeline for the Crisis was originally miscalculated, and there's only half the time as originally thought.
5W or 5B – There is another Crisis as well as the original one; roll for a second Crisis that's occurring at the same time.
6W or 6B – The team's original plan won't work, and they must come up with a new one with the resources on hand.


Propane canister bombs


  1. My 7 year old nephew still maintains that his idea "squidnado" is better.

    Of course he also likes to have his lego sharks bite his lego people in half...so maybe there's hope for a Lego Sharknado.