Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gygax Magazine Issue 1 Now Available

Turned in for the live unboxing of Gygax Magazine #1 today. They thumbed through that first issue to give folks a look-see at the internal layout and content. The fonts, the art, the articles, the "feel" -- folks this is truly the "heir apparent" to the classic Dragon Magazine of my youth. I'll have a review once the issue is in my hands. Issue #1 is 64 pages and $8.95 plus shipping. Four-issue subscriptions (shipped quarterly, as I recall) are $35, shipping included. And during the Q&A, they said it would eventually be available worldwide as well as in electronic eBook format.


  1. It looks JUST like Dragon Magazine, nice tribute to the look!

  2. Yup. I'm in the publishing biz, and the fonts were instantly recognizable as well as the layout, artwork, etc. It took me right back to the late 80s. I immediately purchased a full year's subscription.

  3. Sorry I missed it yesterday but got right online and ordered the year subscription. Watched some of the videocast but didn't watch the whole hour and 13 minutes worth. Hoping they do more with the web site and it would be cool if they posted some articles online with access to those that have subscriptions.