Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dangerous Encounter: A Babe In the Woods

While passing through a darkened forest, the adventuring party can hear what sounds like a crying child echoing throughout the area -- more than likely human. If they investigate or try to locate the source of the sobbing, they will find an Ancient house tucked away in small clearing in the forest. The old farmhouse from "The Before Days" seems to have been abandoned for centuries, but the crying child seems to be in the structure.

Opening the door and blundering in is dangerous, as the interior of the house has collapsed in on itself, and all that remains of the structure are the exterior walls and the roof. The upper floor has fallen down onto the main floor, which in turn has collapsed into the basement area. Walking though the open doorway will result in a 15-foot drop (with appropriate falling damage). In the middle of the pile of rotted timbers, moldy drywall, and vines and brambles sits a small child who looks about helplessly. Trying to get the kid's attention or talk to him will only result in the child sobbing and crying hysterically again. He won't move from his spot on the pile either, as he just looks pitifully up at his would-be "rescuers."

If anyone is lowered into the basement area and makes contact with the child, the true nature of the encounter will be revealed. The basement is the home to a Wailer (MF rulebook, pg. 101) -- a giant carnivorous plant that uses a false child-looking pseudopod (its tongue, actually) and mimicry to lure victims to its waiting maw.

Wailer (1) (AL N, MV None, AC 5, HD 6, #AT 1, DG Special, SV L4, ML 12, mutations: ntoxic weapon)

Whatever makes contact with the "child" will be instantly adhered to it. The Wailer's mouth (which is 10 feet in diameter around the "child") will instantly snap around the victim. A successful hit will inflict 3d6 hit points from its powerful jaws. On a 17 or better to hit, the victim is instead swallowed whole by the Wailer and will take 2d6 hit points per round from acidic sap that fills the plant's mouth. The Wailer has not eaten for a while (and, as a plant, it cannot flee), so it will aggressively attack until destroyed. Once defeated, the party will find 815 gold pieces in assorted coinage scattered around the ruins from the Wailer's previous victims. There is also an automatic pistol (3 shots left) and a shock-field glove (fully discharged) amongst the debris.

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