Sunday, August 8, 2010

Post-apocalyptic Pathfinder Coming In December

Adamant Entertainment has announced the upcoming release of a new post-apocalyptic setting for the Pathfinder RPG system. Warlords of the Apocalypse will be released in December 2010. Here's the official announcement and description:

Civilization is cast in ruin, yet the Earth is reborn!

Wander the Wastelands and the Cities of the Ancients… Plunder technological treasures from long-hidden vaults… Fight to survive in a savage world of mutants, marauders and mental powers!

Warlords of the Apocalypse brings the gonzo, over-the-top world of classic post-apocalypse science-fantasy to the Pathfinder rules system! In this 256-page hardcover you will find:

• A complete post-apocalypse setting
• Rules for mutations
• Rules for Psionic Powers
• Weapons, gear and treasure spanning technology levels from the New Dark Age to the advanced tech of the Ancients
• New monsters, and rules for mutating any compatible monster into entirely new threats
• A Random Adventure Generator and dozens of Adventure hooks
• Guidelines for bringing your existing Pathfinder characters into this setting, or creating native characters
•…and much more!


  1. Ha ha! I beat your post on this, just by a little. ; )

  2. Great minds think alike (and all that). ;)

  3. Sooo Sniderman whatcha think?
    I'm curious about this one...
    Hope they give some more info on it soon.

  4. I'm currently more interested in Sorcery & Super Science!

  5. I couldn't get my head around the Sorcery & Super Science mechanic at least how it was described, although I am quite curious about it.

  6. Heya Bill, the mechanics a bit different, but pretty straight-forward once you manage to get your head around it.

    As an example: I have a Combat of 8 and you have a combat of 4. 8+4=12 so we roll a d12 when attacking and we both need to roll a 12 or higher to hit each other. You add your combat to your roll (+4) and I add my combat to my roll (+8).

    If I had a Combat of 6 and you had a Combat of 10, we'd roll a d16 (or 2d8 if you don't have a d16) and we'd need to get a 16 or higher to hit, adding our respective Combat #s to the roll.

    Instead of a fixed-difficulty system it's a comparative difficulty system. Hope that helps!

  7. What about Aftermath! or Darwin's World (either d20, d20 Modern, Savage Worlds or True 20)? Anyone experienced with any of these?